Melbourne Student Life

Life in Melbourne is awesome, and that’s not exaggeration by any means. And if you are a student here, it gets even better because of many added perks. Whether you’ve always lived in Melbourne, or you’ve come here from another city or country, you’ll easily relate to what I am going to mention below.
Melbourne is rated the world’s most liveable city, and there is a reason for this. It is the cultural capital of Australia and widely acknowledged as the sporting capital of the world. And, well, this is easy to defend. We have cricket, footy, tennis, car and motor racing, sailing and more. We even hosted Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm recently. Did I mention the Melbourne Cup?
Anyway, since Melbourne has once again been named the world’s second best student city, I decided to go out on the streets and ask some students what they like the most about this wonderful city. The answers are reflective of diverse range of experiences student life in Melbourne has to offer.

  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Multicultural Exchange
  • Great Comedy and live music
  • Student discounts for evens and exhibitions
  • Plenty of great shopping and entertainment all through the year